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Mortgage Lenders Brownsville TX

Mortgage Lenders Brownsville TX

Mortgage Lenders Brownsville TX – Nestled in the heart of Texas, the vibrant city of Brownsville is undergoing a remarkable surge in population, driven by its enchanting weather, rich cultural tapestry, and the allure of an affordable cost of living. The demand for homes has grown as more individuals learn about the benefits of residing in Brownsville. Therefore, having an overview of the real estate market, and awareness about reputable Mortgage Lenders Brownsville TX can be a huge advantage for your dream home-buying process.

With a thriving population of approximately 185,000 residents, this charming city offers proximity to sun-kissed beaches on South Padre Island and the scenic Gulf of Mexico, just a stone’s throw away. The subtropical climate is a major attraction, with hot summers perfect for water activities and mild winters. Brownsville averages over 300 sunny days per year. The culture is also diverse, with Hispanic influences and events that celebrate the city’s unique heritage. Affordable housing, thriving industries, and plentiful amenities make Brownsville a hidden gem in Texas that more and more homebuyers are discovering each year.

Advantages Of Living In Brownsville, TX

Brownsville offers a unique blend of urban amenities and Southern charm that appeal to many homebuyers. Here are some key reasons Brownsville is an excellent place to live:

  • Thriving Economy & Jobs: Major industries include education, healthcare, retail, and manufacturing. Some of the top employers in this city are Brownsville ISD, Cameron County, Valley Baptist Medical Center, and the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley.
  • Top-Notch Healthcare: There are several quality hospitals and medical centers in Brownsville such as Valley Baptist Medical Center, Brownsville Community Health Center, and Solara Specialty Hospital.
  • Reliable Transportation: Brownsville is conveniently located near 3 airports – Brownsville/South Padre Island International Airport, McAllen-Miller International Airport, and Valley International Airport. The Brownsville Urban System provides public transportation via bus.
  • Rich Culture: Brownsville offers a mixed vibe of Hispanic culture. The historic downtown offers shopping, arts, and dining with Latino flair. There are several events hosted by the city to celebrate the city’s history and heritage.
  • High Standard of Living: The cost of living is lower than the national average while still offering amenities. The crime rate is 35% lower than the Texas average, making it a safe area.
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Real Estate and Housing Trends In Brownsville, TX

Some popular neighborhoods in Brownsville, Texas worth considering are Downtown Brownsville, Brownsville Country Club, and El Valle Grande. Living in these areas, whether you buy or rent a home, means you’ll be close to amenities and a sense of community. Brownsville has 10 total neighborhoods and 675 homes currently listed for sale. Prices range from $18K on the low end to $12.9M for high-end properties.

The market has affordable options like multi-family units, condos, and 1-2 bedroom homes. In July 2023 specifically, the median listing price in Brownsville was $280K, up 11.4% compared to last July. The median price per square foot was $159. Sold homes had a median price of $216.8K. 

At this time, Brownsville is a buyer’s market, meaning supply is greater than demand. Homes are taking around 61 days to sell, which is longer than last month but slightly shorter than last year. Overall, Brownsville has a range of homes at various price points. The market is growing but remains affordable compared to other Texas cities. 

Top Mortgage Lenders In Brownsville

Here are the top recommended mortgage lenders in Brownsville to help guide you through the home-buying process:

1.) Reliance Financial

Reliance Financial is a leading mortgage lender in Brownsville, Texas with over 18 years of experience. Our team of mortgage lenders and financial consultants work hard every day to ensure clients feel at home by providing superior service, affordable rates, and quick closing times. We aim to offer a hassle-free process and quick responses to all client queries. Reliance Financial’s advisors are sincere professionals who use their experience and knowledge to provide suitable and cost-effective mortgage programs.

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Contact us today!

Email: sales@reliancefinancial.com

2.) Academy Mortgage Corporation

Academy Mortgage Corporation Brownsville is an independent mortgage company with a large team of experienced mortgage professionals. They work to find optimal loan programs and pricing based on each client’s financial situation. The company values working with honesty, and integrity to find the right mortgage solution for each client’s unique needs and goals. Their size and experience allow them to serve diverse clients.

3.) Reliant Mortgage

Reliant Mortgage Services serves Brownsville residents by offering services like home purchasing, debt consolidation, and equity loans. Their team helps identify the right loan program for each client’s needs, providing fixed and adjustable mortgage options. They also offer various refinancing programs to help clients adjust terms. Reliant has been in the mortgage industry for decades.

4.) Security National Mortgage

Security National Mortgage Company is an independent mortgage firm in Brownsville focused on friendly, professional one-on-one service. They are committed to finding home loans and refinancing solutions with competitive rates tailored to each customer’s needs. Their expertise allows for a quick and dependable loan experience. They strive to provide the best options to meet each customer’s unique requirements. 


As Brownsville continues to be a top location in Texas to live, having the right mortgage lender as your partner makes a significant difference. Be sure to choose an established lender familiar with the Brownsville real estate landscape. Look for customer service and loan options tailored to first-time homebuyers.

Get in touch with one of the recommended top mortgage lenders in Brownsville above to start the journey toward buying your dream home. They have years of experience navigating Brownsville’s housing market and can help you secure favorable financing terms. With the right mortgage lending partner, you can look forward to a smooth process from pre-approval to closing.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Mortgage Lenders Brownsville TX

Q1: What makes mortgage brokers different from loan officers?

Loan officers work for a single lender like a bank. They receive a salary and bonuses and can only offer their bank loans. Mortgage brokers work independently or for a firm and are paid by the client or lender. Brokers can approach multiple lenders, providing individuals with more options tailored to their individual needs.

Q2: What credit score do mortgage brokers use?

There are two credit models in the US – FICO and VantageScore. Lenders typically prefer FICO. Each credit bureau uses a different FICO version:

  • Experian uses FICO Score 2
  • Equifax uses FICO Score 5
  • TransUnion uses FICO Score 4
Q3: Do mortgage brokers help with refinancing?

Yes, brokers can assist with refinancing. Individuals with excellent credit may go to their bank directly. However, brokers may secure better rates for those without top credit.

Q4: Can mortgage brokers work across state lines?

Yes, brokers can work across states. However, licensing requirements differ by state. To legally close a deal, brokers must be certified in the transaction state. Knowing each state’s process is also helpful, as these can vary.