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Mortgage Lenders & Brokers in California

California Mortgage Lenders & Brokers – Because of its coveted coastal location off the Pacific Ocean, California has exceptionally consistent warm weather throughout the year across the majority of the state. As a result, purchasing a home in California is a dream many Americans hold. What makes this dream feasible are the many qualified mortgage lenders in this state. This article will introduce you to the most reputable mortgage lenders and brokers in California as you prepare to buy your dream home and apply for a house loan.

Getting To Know The Golden State

California aka The Golden State is undoubtedly one of the most well-known states in the United States. On September 9, 1850, it became the 31st state to join the union, and by the early 1960s, it had amassed the largest population among all the states. With its distinct history and culture, California is unique in the best possible way. Boasting the fifth-largest economy in the world, California has all it takes to be a sovereign state. 

The state is also home to some of the most iconic and widely known tourist destinations and recognizable sites in the world. A handful of these most amazing landmarks include the fabled Golden Gate Bridge, Disneyland, Hollywood, Universal Studios, Malibu, Yosemite, Muir Woods, Alcatraz Island, Lake Tahoe. All of these and more make California one of the most visited places in all of North America.

 In addition, California is also known for Coachella (one of the biggest music festivals in the U.S). Silicon Valley is considered the tech hub of the nation and attracts some of the best brains in the world to come to work and live here. Stanford and the University of California at Berkeley at two of the best known education centers around the globe. The best wines in the world are grown and made in Napa Valley, also considered the wine connoisseur’s paradise. And, then you have the best of surfing (amazing beaches line the entire California coast), and skiing. Squaw Valley offers the best slopes around the world for skiing and was the location for the 1960 Winter Olympics. 

Affordable Places To Live In California

California is considered the most idyllic and utopian state to live in by millions of Americans. Check out a few of the places that you may not be aware of:

1. Eureka

Even though the gold rush is long over, travelers still make their way to Eureka. The city is only a few hours south of the Oregon border, and natural beauty abounds in this area because of its fantastic location near many national forests and the seaside. You can locate “Old Town” in the city’s heart, a historic district with hundreds of Victorian structures.

2. Oxnard

Want to experience residing by SoCal beaches without the accompanying costs? Try Oxnard, it has a 20-mile-long shoreline and is situated right on the Pacific. With opportunities for activities like kayaking, surfing, and whale watching, the water is undoubtedly the main draw.

3. Redlands

Redlands is the center of the “IE,” or Inland Empire, which is less than two hours from Los Angeles. The highlights of the city include its outdoor amphitheater, fantastic brewery, and quick access to mountains and parks. Many of the work prospects in the area are in education because of the nearby University of Redlands.

4. Chico

The city is known for its wonderful weather, charming downtown, and abundant hiking. Additionally, you are not too far from the ocean—certainly close enough for a family vacation or two. A significant industry in the city, in addition to education, is healthcare.

5. Temecula We highly recommend you head to this city between Los Angeles and San Diego. It is a haven for leisure enthusiasts with the biggest casino in California, more than 40 wineries, and numerous golf courses. A historic downtown district and two weekly farmers’ markets are also available to locals.

The Real Estate Market In California

  • Number of Single Family Homes Sold: According to data gathered by CAR from more than 90 local realtor organizations and MLSs across the state, the number of single-family homes sold in California reached a seasonally adjusted annualized rate of 344,970 in June. 
  • Median Home Price: The statewide median home value in June was $863,390, which was up 5.4% from June 2021 
  • Housing Demand: According to the California Association Of Realtors (CAR), the housing market in California has seen housing demand levels moderate overall after 2 years of steep increases. 

Top Mortgage Lenders Brokers In California

There are so many options in the mortgage market when it comes to accessing loans, one of the largest investments in the lives of most Americans. Working with a knowledgeable mortgage broker or lender can save you a lot of time and money throughout the loan as well as effort during the application process. Below we have listed some of the best home loan company options in the state of California.

1. Reliance Financial

Reliance Financial is an industry-leading mortgage company in California, with an excellent reputation built through years of service. We provide prompt and responsive service, options and alternatives for any homebuyer needs and wants, and personalized help in order to fully meet your needs.  We put a lot of emphasis on transparency and convenience to our homebuyers and homeowners. You can apply for your home loan within minutes at our website.  

Reliance Financial has the most affordable rates and extensive expertise in FHA, VA, Conventional, USDA, Jumbo, Home Equity Line of Credit, and Reverse mortgage loan programs, making it the ideal choice for acquiring the financing you need. Additionally, we are accessible to you before, during, and after the loan’s closure. You will receive full assistance from us at every step of the home financing journey. 

We cherish our clients’ relationships with us. Our enthusiasm and dedication to serving you will always remain the same.

Email – sales@reliancefinancial.com

2. ALB Commercial Capital

One of the top mortgage companies in the state, ALB Commercial Capital has a group of highly skilled loan advisors committed to offering the finest level of service. To meet the specific needs, objectives, and business strategies of each client, the company offers a variety of loan services for entrepreneurs, realtors, lenders, and brokers. The business provides bridging financing, SBA lending programs, and specialized loans for residential buildings and commercial real estate.

3. Aragon Lending Team

Aragon Lending Team is a reputable mortgage brokerage with a big client base in the Los Angeles area. The company provides mortgage refinancing, loan term extensions, and term reductions and modifications to help homeowners, homebuyers, and investors achieve their real estate goals. In 2002, Julie Aragon established the agency employing a meticulously planned out mortgage process. By leveraging user-friendly online and mobile tools that match loan programs to clients’ needs and financial situations, the brokerage speeds up the mortgage application process for its customers.

4. Morty

Morty is an online mortgage broker that was conceived in 2016. The brokerage prides itself on a speedy online procedure with quick prior authorization validations and paperwork that take less than 15 minutes to complete. In its six-year history, it has executed more than $1.2 billion in loans. The brokerage may help borrowers access more than 1,500 loan options based on their specific needs. The brokerage’s mortgage product includes a noteworthy assurance that your closing date will be met on schedule. And in the unlikely case that doesn’t end up happening, the brokerage will either reimburse your appraisal charge or its full commission if Morty is to blame for the delay. 

5. Approve Los Angeles

Approve Los Angeles is a broker that serves the Los Angeles metro area. The business specializes in investment, residential, traditional, and business services. Additionally, it can help people who are willing for either buying or refinancing a house. The company has partnered with more than a hundred lenders offering a range of lending packages. The mortgage lender is aiming to solidifying connections with clients by instilling a sense of calm and trust.


Choosing a mortgage broker or lender to help you with your homebuying needs is a choice that is entirely yours to make. You may have unique financial needs, or enjoy personal preferences, and want the level of service to match your needs and preferences. We hope to help you make the right choice. Towards that, at Reliance Financial we stand committed to providing you with responsiveness, speed-in-closing, transparency, and convenience. 

Every client is treated like family. Thus, we serve you with dedication and respect at Reliance Financial. We truly believe that morality and ethics are the foundations to our success, and we strive to be lenders that our customers can fully rely on.