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Current Mortgage Rates Arlington TX

Current Mortgage Rates Arlington Tx

Current Mortgage Rates Arlington TX – Before embarking on the exciting journey of purchasing a new home in Arlington, Texas, there’s a crucial aspect of the process that every potential buyer should grasp – the dynamic mortgage rate environment. In Arlington, where the housing market can be as vibrant as the Lone Star State itself, being well-informed about current mortgage rates is not just a smart move but a financial imperative.

Knowing Arlington’s current mortgage rates can save you money every month. With rates changing frequently, it is essential to be informed about the Current mortgage rates in Arlington, Texas.

In the thriving city of Arlington, Texas, known for its abundant metropolitan amenities, home buyers have long regarded it as a prime choice. In this blog, we will delve into the current mortgage rates in Arlington, Texas, offering practical insights and valuable information for potential buyers looking to make informed decisions in this dynamic real estate market.

Information About Beautiful Arlington, TX

The city of Arlington, located in the heart of Texas, has a population of over 400,000. Arlington, known for its exceptional entertainment and top-tier sports facilities, emerges as an attractive option for Texas adventure seekers. Arlington also holds a special appeal for seniors seeking an ideal retirement location.

Despite its small size compared to surrounding urban centers, Arlington radiates the energy of a major metropolis. The city of Arlington, TX has a vibrant industrial community. Manufacturing items like electronics, plastics, and rubber offers many career opportunities. Sports dominate Arlington’s social life, and it is common for thousands of spectators to cheer on weekends. In addition to sports, Arlington residents and visitors can enjoy shopping, skating, and movies at the Parks Mall. Other social attractions in the city include the Six Flags Over Texas amusement park and the Arlington Museum. Arlington also boasts a range of private and government colleges and institutes, making it an educational hub for residents of all ages.

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Factors Affecting Mortgage Rates in Arlington, TX

Mortgage rates are intricately tied to the state of the economy. During periods of economic expansion, mortgage interest rates tend to decrease, offering more favorable terms to potential buyers. Conversely, when economic conditions take a downturn, mortgage rates often rise. It’s a simple equation: a robust economy typically leads to lower mortgage rates. However, several other important factors can determine the direction of mortgage rates in Arlington, TX: 

  1. Economic Indicators – The state of the national and local economy is important. Job growth, inflation, and GDP growth all affect loan demand and influence lenders’ rate-setting decisions.
  2. Federal Reserve Policy – Mortgage rates are heavily influenced by the policy of the Federal Reserve. To better understand and forecast mortgage rate volatility, keep an eye on the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy options.
  3. Market sentiment – Global events, geopolitical tensions, and investor sentiment can cause volatility in the bond market, which affects mortgage rates.
  4. Creditworthiness – The credit score and financial background of the individual borrower also play a role in creditworthiness. Those with better credit may be able to get lower rates.

Current Trends in Arlington, TX

Located between Dallas and Fort Worth, Arlington offers a housing market that is rich in diversity, encompassing a wide range of budgets and preferences. Like various areas across the country, Arlington has faced changes in the mortgage rate landscape over the past months. These rates have seen a marginal increase in recent times, reflecting changes in macroeconomic conditions and market outlook. Potential buyers need to be vigilant and well-informed regarding these fluctuations in order to make an educated decision.

  • There are 990 active homes listed and 102 new homes for sale in Arlington, TX.
  • Homes in Arlington, TX sell after an average of 32 days on the market, compared to 34 days last year.
  • GreatSchools rates all schools in Arlington, Texas an average rating of 6 out of 10.
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Current Mortgage Rates in Arlington, TX

Reliance Financial is committed to helping you find the best mortgage rates in Arlington, Texas by conducting an extensive search among mortgage lenders and leading institutions. As of Wednesday, August 16, 2023, Mortgage rates are among the lowest available in the area, with a 30-year fixed mortgage of 6.125%. Here are the current mortgage rates in Arlington, TX:

  • 30-year fixed: 7.294%
  • 15-year fixed: 6.358%
  • 5-year adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM): 7.972%

Actual mortgage rates may differ from those displayed here depending on your credit history and qualifications, loan type, loan amount, monthly installments, and many other factors. To ensure a low interest rate on your mortgage, we recommend that you check Arlington’s current mortgage rates, trends, and regulations.

Types Of Mortgage Available In Arlington, TX

When considering homeownership it is important to understand the many mortgage types available in Arlington, TX. Each type of mortgage has unique features designed to meet the different financial needs and preferences of potential home buyers. Let us now examine the mortgage products that are most commonly used in Arlington, Texas:

Mortgage with a Fixed Rate

Fixed-rate mortgages are a popular option among customers looking for mortgage dependability and stability. The interest rate will remain constant throughout the tenure of the loan, assuring regular monthly principal and interest payments. In this mortgage type, borrowers can choose their repayment arrangement.

Mortgages with Variable rates

An adjustable-rate mortgage or ARM has a fixed interest rate for the first five to ten years. Thereafter, the interest rate is periodically balanced to reflect current market conditions. As a result, as time goes by, the monthly payment may change due to interest rate fluctuations.

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FHA loan

Changes in the federal funds rate, economic data, and investor mood can affect the interest rates offered on FHA loans. As a result, when analyzing potential mortgage rates, consumers considering an FHA loan should examine both FHA-specific features and overall mortgage market trends.

VA Loan

VA loan interest rates, like other types of loans, can be affected by larger market conditions and economic considerations. Changes in the overall interest rate environment, inflation patterns, and economic indicators can all affect VA loan rates. Borrowers should closely watch both VA-specific factors and general mortgage market developments, just as they would any other mortgage.


The US Department of Agriculture offers loans to encourage homeownership in suburban and rural areas. Qualified borrowers can take advantage of low or no down payment options with USDA loans. USDA loans are ideal for home buyers who want to purchase a home in an authorized rural area near Arlington, TX.


Reliance Financial offers amazing, all-inclusive service for your Arlington, TX mortgage loan. We provide the latest mortgage rates, customized quotes, and a detailed analysis of your estimated monthly expenses. As a leading mortgage lender in Arlington, TX, our team is committed to helping you through the entire closing process, carefully following each step of your home-buying endeavor to help you plan for the future. 

FAQ About Current Mortgage Rates Arlington, TX

Q – How often do mortgage rates fluctuate in Arlington?

A – Mortgage interest rates are constantly changing and therefore can fluctuate daily. These modifications are sometimes minimal. However, rates have become more unpredictable recently, with changes of up to half a percent in a single day.

Q – How do Arlington, TX mortgage rates compare to national rates?

A – Mortgage rates in Arlington may differ from the national average due to local market factors. It’s a good idea to compare local prices to national trends frequently to see how competitive Arlington’s rates are.