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Top Mortgage Brokers in Florida

Mortgage Broker Florida – Florida is a great option if you’re looking for a place to start a family or just want to take advantage of everything the Sun State has to offer. To purchase your ideal property, you would require a financing or mortgage company. We’ll go into more detail about the top mortgage brokers in Florida, local real estate statistics, and the reasons that make the state such a desirable place to call home.

For many reasons, Florida is a terrific place to call home. The state’s economy is robust and its population is diversified. Florida offers a wide variety of activities, from bicycling and hiking to shopping and dining. Florida is also situated in the Bay Area, giving locals quick access to the region’s major cities.

Things That Will Excite You To Move To Florida

Learn about the different factors that entice people to build their dream homes in Florida, 

Florida Has Top-Rated Beaches: Florida is the location to numerous top-rated beaches in the entire nation, with 1,350 miles of coastline bordering the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Get in shape by participating in water sports like kayaking or stand-up paddle boarding, or rent a boat for the day to explore the Intracoastal Waterway and uninhabited sandbars.

Florida Has No State Income Tax: Instead of a state tax, Florida collects money from the millions of visitors that come here each year through a 7% sales tax (at the state level) and a 5% tourist tax (at the county level) on income from short-term rentals and hotel stays of six months or less. Therefore, you have more chances to save more of your earnings.

Florida Offers Great Year-Round Weather: Florida conjures up images of sunlight, beaches, and excellent weather. South Florida experiences year-round temperatures of 72° (compared to 67° in northern Florida), and there are 250 days of sunshine there each year. Florida is calling you if you enjoy being outside.

Florida Has a Strong Economy & Job Market: Due to its main businesses, such as tourism and hospitality, real estate and development, defense and homeland security, and a number of others, Florida’s economy and job market have been quite robust. Based on its $1.1 trillion Gross State Product, Florida’s economy is currently the fourth largest in the US, behind those of California, Texas, and New York.

Real Estate Stats Of Florida

According to Zillow, property values in Florida have increased by 81% during the last five years, and the same trend is anticipated for the following five. Analysts are eagerly monitoring the Florida property market to determine what impact the recent increase in mortgage payments as a result of increased interest rates would have.

Over the past ten years, Florida has had some of the highest rates of housing appreciation in the nation. Florida’s real estate has increased 134.94 percent in the last ten years, which works out to an annual housing appreciation rate of 8.92 percent. Florida has been one of the best long-term real estate investments in the US during the past ten years if you’re a home buyer or investor.

Florida’s average home value as of August 31, 2022 is $405,489 (Zillow Home Value Index). Only houses in the average price range are included in this list, and adjusted seasonally. In the last year, Florida property values increased by 30.5%, and in the past 24 months, they increased by 56.8%. (2 years).

List Of Mortgage Brokers Florida

1. Reliance Financial

At Reliance Financial, we are committed to offering our customers the highest quality of service. We recognize that obtaining a mortgage is a significant choice, and we strive to make it as simple and straightforward as we can. For this reason, we provide a rate quote function that enables you to check real-time rates and assess closing expenses from many lenders without leaving the comfort of your home. And if you want any assistance along the way, our professional and welcoming team is more than pleased to help.

You may be confident that you’ll be in your new home before you realize it because we take pleasure in being able to close most deals in 21 days or less. To learn more about how we can assist you with all of your mortgage needs, get in touch with us right away. Send an email to sales@reliancefinancial.com.

2. Accurate Mortgage Group

The financing of your house or company is made less stressful at Accurate Mortgage Group. Since they have been in the industry for so long, they have learned how to provide their clients with the finest pricing available. They are aware that every client has a unique financial situation, therefore they work closely with each one to locate a mortgage that suits their needs. To ensure you receive the finest deal possible, they will be at your side at every stage.

A group of experts in home loans, Accurate Mortgage Group serves the Orlando region. They assist both novice and experienced investors in understanding the distinctions between different loan alternatives, such as conforming, jumbo, and super jumbo. Additionally, they help consumers apply for government-backed loans such as FHA, VA, and USDA.

3. Altera Home Loans

Providing the correct loans for the right reasons in a way that exceeds all expectations is, in the opinion of Altera Home Loans, the secret to their success. They are aware of how crucial providing excellent customer service is to their industry. They strive to fulfill their promises on schedule, keep you updated about the loan process, and give you the information you need to make an informed lending decision.

4. Integrity Mortgage

In California, Integrity Mortgage is pleased to provide some of the lowest mortgage rates. They are aware of how intimidating the loan application process may be, particularly for first-time home purchasers. They want the procedure to be as easy, uncomplicated, and quick as they can. To make sure you obtain the greatest rate on your loan, they have a skilled staff of mortgage brokers in Florida who will work with you at every stage. They will support their clients and be there to assist at all times.

5. American Mortgage serves

American Mortgage is pleased to provide a comprehensive range of mortgage options to match each client’s individual needs. They will work with you to locate the best mortgage option for your needs, whether you are purchasing a new home or refinancing your current one. They are aware that every client has unique circumstances, and they will adjust their recommendations and offerings to suit your needs.

The financial advisors on the American Mortgage team assist people and families looking to buy a new home by pairing them with a financing package that suits their circumstances. For individuals who want to pay off their debts more quickly or lower their monthly payments and interest rates, it also offers refinancing possibilities. They will never put pressure on you to take out a loan that is not in your best interest because they think that their clients should always come first.


Florida real estate is desirable for a variety of reasons. The state is one of the cheapest in the nation, has a solid economy, top-notch schools, and low crime rates. Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly city or a place to launch your career, Florida has something to offer everyone. The Sun State is unquestionably a spot to take into consideration if you’re looking for a place to call home.

Reliance Financial is the top option in town for locating the ideal mortgage. They offer a large range of products, and their staff is always willing to assist. To find out more about how they can assist you with all your mortgage needs, get in touch with them right away! Send an email to sales@reliancefinancial.com.