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Mortgage Broker Tampa

Mortgage Broker Tampa

Mortgage Broker Tampa – Tampa, Florida, is a vibrant city renowned for its desirable quality of life, making it an ideal place to call home. In this all-encompassing guide, discover the perks of living in this wonderful city and gain insights into trusted mortgage brokers in Tampa, empowering you to make an informed decision when purchasing a property in this fantastic city.

With its thriving economy, abundant recreational opportunities, and pleasant climate, Tampa offers a diverse range of attractions for residents and visitors alike. Nestled on the Gulf Coast, the city boasts stunning beaches, world-class entertainment venues, and a rich cultural scene. Whether you’re seeking a family-friendly environment, exciting career prospects, or a vibrant social life, Tampa offers it all.

Interesting Facts about Tampa

Tampa, Florida, is a city that brims with intriguing facts and captivating features. Did you know that Tampa is home to the world’s longest continuous sidewalk, Bayshore Boulevard, stretching over four miles alongside the stunning waterfront? Additionally, Tampa boasts the only Busch Gardens theme park that originated as a beer garden and has evolved into a renowned family-friendly destination.

The city also hosts the annual Gasparilla Pirate Festival, a lively celebration featuring a flotilla of pirate ships and a parade that draws thousands of visitors. These fascinating facts are just a glimpse of the unique elements that make Tampa an intriguing and vibrant city to explore.

Perks of Living in Tampa, Florida

If you’re searching for an incredible new place to call home, look no further than Tampa, Florida! Bursting with endless possibilities, a vibrant lifestyle, and a warm community, Tampa is the perfect destination for those seeking excitement, adventure, and a fresh start. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey as we unveil the countless reasons why Tampa should be at the top of your relocation wish list!

1. Thriving Job Market

Tampa’s job market is thriving and diverse, catering to various industries. Healthcare, finance, technology, and tourism are key sectors driving employment opportunities. Renowned medical institutions, corporate headquarters, and a growing tech scene contribute to the city’s robust economy. Whether you’re a healthcare professional, finance expert, tech enthusiast, or seeking opportunities in the dynamic tourism sector, Tampa offers a promising landscape for career growth and success.

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2. Sunshine and Beaches

Tampa’s coastal location on the Gulf of Mexico means residents can bask in sunshine and enjoy beautiful beaches all year round. From the white sands of Clearwater Beach to the tranquil shores of St. Pete Beach, Tampa Bay offers idyllic spots for swimming, sunbathing, water sports, and breathtaking sunsets.

3. Affordable Cost of Living

Compared to other major cities in Florida, Tampa offers a more affordable cost of living. Housing options range from urban apartments to suburban neighborhoods with spacious homes, catering to various budgets. The reasonable cost of housing, combined with lower taxes and utility expenses, allows residents to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.

4. Cultural and Arts Scene

Tampa embraces a vibrant arts and cultural scene. The city is home to institutions like the Tampa Museum of Art, the Straz Center for the Performing Arts, and the Tampa Bay History Center. From art galleries and theaters to music festivals and multicultural events, there is always something exciting happening for art and culture enthusiasts.

5. Sports and Entertainment

Tampa is a sports lover’s paradise, with professional sports teams galore. Cheer for the Super Bowl-winning Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFL), catch a baseball game with the Tampa Bay Rays (MLB) or witness the lightning-fast action of the Tampa Bay Lightning (NHL). The city also hosts major sporting events and boasts world-class entertainment venues like Amalie Arena and the MidFlorida Credit Union Amphitheatre.

6. Family-Friendly Environment

Tampa is renowned for its family-friendly environment. The city offers top-rated schools and a variety of educational options, including magnet schools and charter schools. Families can explore attractions such as the Florida Aquarium, Lowry Park Zoo, and Glazer Children’s Museum, providing endless opportunities for educational and recreational experiences.

7. Access to Nature and Outdoor Activities

Tampa’s proximity to stunning natural landscapes makes it a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. From the breathtaking Everglades National Park to the picturesque beaches and coastal islands, residents can indulge in activities like hiking, boating, fishing, kayaking, and wildlife watching. Tampa is also home to numerous state parks, such as Lettuce Lake Park and Hillsborough River State Park, offering opportunities for camping, picnicking, and exploring nature trails.

With its thriving job market, year-round sunshine, affordability, cultural richness, and family-friendly environment, Tampa continues to attract individuals and families looking for a dynamic and fulfilling lifestyle in a city that truly has it all.

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Real Estate and Housing Trends in Tampa, Florida

In this section, we will explore the current real estate trends in Tampa, Florida. Discover key statistics such as days on the market, median sale price, and price per square foot. Gain insights into the availability of homes for sale and the potential for favorable deals in Tampa’s competitive housing market. Stay informed to make confident decisions as a homebuyer, seller, or investor in Tampa’s dynamic real estate landscape.

  • According to Redfin, the median sale price of a home in Tampa was $425K last month, experiencing a positive 4.6% year-over-year growth.
  • Homes in Tampa receive an average of 3 offers and sell in approximately 17 days, indicating a competitive market.
  • The median sale price per square foot in Tampa is $283, demonstrating a 2.3% increase compared to the previous year, highlighting a favorable market for sellers.
  • With over 3000 homes available for sale in Tampa, buyers have ample options to explore.
  • According to RocketHomes, Tampa offers potential homebuyers an opportunity for favorable deals, as 52.7% of homes sold below their asking price last month.

Top Mortgage Brokers in Tampa, Florida

In this section, we proudly present a carefully curated selection of the top mortgage brokers in the area. These distinguished professionals have earned their reputation for their extensive knowledge, unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service, and their ability to navigate the intricacies of home financing with precision. Prepare to embark on your homeownership journey with confidence, as you entrust your mortgage needs to the finest brokers in Tampa.

1. Reliance Financial

Renowned for its unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, Reliance Financial is a trusted name in the mortgage industry. Our team of experienced professionals understands that every homebuyer’s needs are unique. We take the time to listen, assess individual circumstances, and provide personalized guidance, ensuring a seamless and stress-free homebuying experience. 

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned homeowner, Reliance Financial offers a wide range of mortgage options tailored to fit your specific needs. With a focus on transparency, reliability, and competitive rates, we are committed to helping you secure the best financing solution for your dream home.

To find out how we can assist you with your mortgage needs, get in touch with us today.

Email: sales@reliancefinancial.com.

2. Bliss Mortgage

Bliss Mortgage, another remarkable mortgage company in Tampa, is renowned for its exceptional customer service. The dedicated team of mortgage experts at Bliss Mortgage goes the extra mile to provide personalized attention and customized solutions to clients. With a commitment to competitive rates, flexible loan programs, and a streamlined application process, Bliss Mortgage empowers homebuyers to discover the ideal financing solution for their dream home.

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3. Paramount Residential Mortgage Group (PRMG)

With a strong presence in Tampa and beyond, PRMG is a well-established mortgage company trusted by home buyers. Their knowledgeable team provides a comprehensive array of loan options and an efficient application process, allowing homebuyers to navigate the complexities of mortgage financing with ease. PRMG’s commitment to customer satisfaction and its ability to provide personalized service has made them a go-to choice for homebuyers in Tampa.

4. Mortgage Expert

As the name suggests, Mortgage Expert excels in providing expert guidance and support throughout the homebuying process. Their team of seasoned professionals has in-depth knowledge of the local market and a deep understanding of mortgage products. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or looking to refinance, Mortgage Expert offers a personalized approach, ensuring clients secure the most favorable terms and rates for their mortgage.

5. Agave Home Loans

Recognized for their dedication to exceptional customer service, Agave Home Loans specializes in tailoring loan options to fit the unique needs of each homebuyer. Their team works closely with clients to understand their goals and financial situation, providing personalized guidance and a wide range of loan options. With a commitment to transparency and integrity, Agave Home Loans guides clients through the mortgage process, empowering them to make informed decisions.

While all these mortgage companies in Tampa have proven track records of excellence, Reliance Financial stands out for its commitment to customer satisfaction, personalized service, and a wide range of mortgage options. With Reliance Financial, homebuyers can expect a smooth and efficient experience, backed by a team of professionals who prioritize their clients’ best interests.


Tampa, Florida offers an irresistible combination of career opportunities, coastal beauty, and a vibrant lifestyle. With a thriving job market, stunning beaches, and a warm climate, it’s an ideal place to buy a house and settle down. Whether you’re captivated by the coastal beauty, seeking career growth, or yearning for a vibrant community, Tampa has all the ingredients to make it an ideal place to call home.

To navigate the homebuying process with confidence, Reliance Financial stands out as the #1 choice for all new homebuyers. With their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, extensive industry knowledge, and personalized approach, Reliance Financial is well-equipped to guide homebuyers through every step, ensuring a seamless and rewarding experience. Trust Reliance Financial to be your trusted partner as you embark on the exciting journey of homeownership in the vibrant city of Tampa.

Contact us right away to get started on your home-buying process!