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Best Mortgage Lenders In Washington State

Mortgage Lenders In Washington

Mortgage Lenders Washington State – Washington, the only U.S. state named after a president, has one of the most ethnically and geographically diverse populations. From its beautiful beaches along the Pacific Coastline to its snow-capped volcanic mountains, this state has something to offer everyone. Undoubtedly, the state has a huge housing demand. Thus, it is important to familiarize yourself with the state itself and also the best mortgage lenders in Washington State.

Perks Of Living In Washington State

  • As the birthplace of Starbucks and the home to the Space Needle, Washington gets hundreds of millions of tourists every year. In fact, tourism is Washington’s fourth largest industry.
  • This state is also at the forefront of technology and discovery. Therefore, some of its biggest industries including Aerospace, Agriculture, Clean Technology, and Global Health are present here. Moreover, Powerhouses like Amazon, Microsoft, and Expedia Group have their headquarters in Washington. Meanwhile, many new start-ups attracting to Washington’s thriving and quickly expanding tech scene. With such industries powering the state, work opportunities are abundant for everyone.
  • Washington state is also famous for many picturesque outdoor marvels including Mount Rainier and the Olympic Hot Springs. The state is famous for the thousands of beaches, snowy mountains, and glaciers located all over the state. Therefore, visitors of the Evergreen State often wish they could stay here forever.
  • Aside from being one of only seven states in the U.S. without an income tax, this city is also one of four states without corporate tax.
  • Many families move here to locate their dream homes. All Because mortgage lenders in Washington help people finance such properties and make them affordable.

Real Estate Trends In Washington

The home market in Washington State has been booming over the past 12 months according to Zillow. For example, over the last 12 months, the median home price increased by a whopping 23.2%. It is likely to continue to rise at a steady rate throughout the rest of 2022.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, more people are moving out of the cities and into the suburbs to buy more comfortable homes as they continue to work from home. As a result, Washington state is now officially in a seller’s market due to the surge in demand.

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According to Norada Real Estate Investments, prices in the region increased by around 10.4%, from a median price of $589,000 to $650,000. King County, with a median transaction price of $851,000, had the second-highest price point last month. That is an increase of 9.1% from a year ago. However, a slight decrease of 3.4% from the $880,000 median price in May. Prices for single-family homes in Seattle increased by 12.3% between June 2021 ($890,444) and June 2022 ($1,000,000).

With more sellers entering the market and an increase in mortgage rates, this housing demand has a likelihood to decrease in the coming months. In its updated housing estimate for 2022, Realtor.com stated that it now expects buyer demand to decline over the summer. Both the housing and stock market is in turmoil due to the sharp increase in interest rates and inflation since the start of 2022. 

Reasons For Buying Property in Washington

Washington has one of the nation’s hottest housing markets. It has a robust local economy, consistent job growth, the availability of affordable housing. Moreover, a variety of facilities that appeal to the younger generation. With various sets of industries that participate in the manufacturing, technology, health care, education, and commercial services, the state’s economy is highly likely to remain stable.

Washington’s housing market is expected to remain strong for the foreseeable future. According to Realtor, there are over 36,000 homes for sale in Washington state. From condos to Victorian houses, you are sure to find a great home for yourself given such a wide variety.

Furthermore, Redfin reports that 41.3% of homes were sold with a price drop in June this year, indicating that the sellers are pricing homes more realistically. Buyers are keen to take advantage of lucrative pricing options available now than in the past 12 months.

Mortgage rates inching up over the last few months. There is an urgency for home buyers in Washington to find and secure their property as fast as possible. Therefore, It is highly recommended to consult a mortgage lender quickly to buy a property at a good price.

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List Of Best Mortgage Lenders In Washington 2022

Moving into your dream house can be a very exciting and life-changing experience. However, it can also be challenging and stressful. Choosing the best mortgage lender will help you save a lot of money. Similarly, You can find the perfect property, and make the loan process much easier. Hence, we are providing you with a list of the most trustworthy and helpful mortgage lenders in Washington.

1. Reliance Financial

Since 2004, Reliance Financial has been assisting hundreds of purchasers in realizing their ambition of becoming homeowners. For first-time home buyers, the organization offers a variety of home loan options including conventional financing, jumbo, FHA loans, VA loans and low down payment programs to help first-time homebuyers with modest incomes lower out-of-pocket expenses.

We differ from other mortgage lenders in that our work culture is centered on Purpose, People, Passion, Productivity, and Performance. 

Our company values our relationships with our customers and partners very deeply.  Our customer-centric approach is built on providing low rates, step-by-step personalized guidance to our customers, and speed in closing transactions. We pride ourselves on providing great advice to our customers based on their specific needs. 

For example, our advisory team will guide you if your credit score is below 600 or you are looking for low down payment financing options. If you are looking to refinance your mortgage, we will help you secure a low rate.  In addition to top-notch customer experience, we are dedicated to providing you with a responsive online and mobile experience. 

Contact us today for a free quote and compare us with our competition! You will enjoy our rates and customer service. 

Email: sales@reliancefinancial.com

2. CountryPlace Mortgage

CountryPlace Mortgage, a direct lender with both Fannie Mae and the FHA, was established in 1995. They can provide you with the most affordable down payments at the most competitive rates. They know how to support you through every step of the mortgage procedure, whether it’s a chattel loan (home-only), land/home package, or construction loan. 

For brand-new homes, CountryPlace Mortgage provides a construction loan with a single closing. They make it straightforward to finance or refinance your house. If you have a manufactured or mobile home CountryPlace Mortgage should be your go-to lender.

3. Commencement Bank

The Commencement Bank prides itself on providing individualized service, cultivating thoughtful relationships, and making wise decisions that endure over time and withstand changing economic conditions. They’ve extended their reach into other regions under the direction of an experienced senior management group made up of outstanding local bankers.

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Commencement Bank delivers exceptional service with a focus on traditional banking for both individuals and companies. They help clients achieve financial success by providing them with a range of products, the latest technology, and the vast expertise of its staff.

4. Beneficial State Bank

Beneficial State Bank, founded in 2007, prioritizes environmental sustainability and addresses community and economic banking from a triple-bottom-line perspective. They firmly feel that a clean environment is necessary for a stable economy. They also believe that by providing fair, competitive, and ethical banking products and services, they can help spark positive change in their communities.

Its goal is to create a banking sector that treats those with less bargaining power fairly, provides financial services to all communities, promotes long-term prosperity for consumers, and fosters financial stability among all of its customers.

5. Luxury Mortgage

All kinds of homebuyers can easily obtain a mortgage through Luxury Mortgages. With their 40-year loan program, they provide both typical loan terms and flexible home payment schedules. If you’re self-employed, Luxury Mortgage also makes it easier for you to get a home loan.

Additionally, you only need a one-year self-employment work history and a minimum credit score of 580 to get a mortgage through this company. They may also be able to help you get accepted solely based on your assets, such as your stock and bond portfolio or retirement savings. They will provide you with the best financing options based on your demands through their expert consultants.


Intriguing natural beauty, a flourishing arts scene, and a robust economy combine to make Washington State an attractive place to call home. For work opportunities, access to beautiful outdoor areas, the absence of income taxes, and the mild climate all year round, living in Washington is the best decision anyone can make.

You can start your home-buying process with Reliance Financial in Washington. There is no doubt that this company is the most trustworthy and promising mortgage lender in Washington, offering you individualized guidance for your particular circumstances, as well as online tools, mortgage calculators, and rate information to simplify the whole home-buying process. Contact us today for a free quote and get one step closer to living in paradise! Email: sales@reliancefinancial.com