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Mortgage Lenders Colorado

Best Mortgage Lenders Colorado – For those who are tired of paying the exorbitant cost of living in Denver, Colorado Springs is the perfect spot to call home. Universities, the energy sector, agriculture, and a bustling downtown are just some of the perks that residents find in Colorado.. Choosing to settle down in Colorado Springs is similar to choosing to do so. Still, there are a few obstacles to overcome, such as finding the best mortgage lenders in Colorado and a reasonable mortgage. Consequently, the purpose of this article is to address all of these issues.

At the eastern foot of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, there is a city popular as Colorado Springs. It is close to Pikes Peak, a landmark in the Pike National Forest with hiking paths and a cog railway ascending to its 14,114-foot peak, which was carved out by glaciers. There are many benefits, including mountain views, a wealth of outdoor activities, and several work options. One of the best places to live in the United States is The Springs for the following reasons.

Reasons To Move To Colorado

Before leaving Texas, you should be aware of the essential aspects of Colorado living so that you may properly plan your budget, ensure that the climate is healthy, and find a job in advance.

  1. Climate and weather: Mountains, foothills, and high plains are present throughout the majority of the state’s area. The majority of the country experiences low humidity and little precipitation but also has plenty of sunshine and cool nights with a clear sky.
  2. Economic growth: Colorado has seen several years of consistent economic growth. It can brag about having one of the greatest GDPs in the US, which also affects how well people live in the city. Construction, information technology, and trade are the top three sectors in this sphere. Many businesses continue to flourish by adding a lot of new jobs.
  3. Low unemployment: The state also has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation—less than 3%—thanks to steady economic growth. The Denver Post referred to Colorado as having the “strongest and most steady” job growth. Additionally, more than 20 of the 500 Fortune corporations in the US are based in Colorado.
  4. Active lifestyle: Colorado has a wonderful work-life balance, which makes it a great place to live. After a long day of work, you shouldn’t travel very far to unwind because everything is close by. Locals are among the healthiest in the nation as a result.
  5. Taxes: One of the lowest tax burdens in the USA is found in Colorado. Property tax has an average effective rate of 0.55% and income tax is 4.63%. However, each city and county may impose additional sales taxes that may be as high as 11% in some cities if a general sales tax is estimated to be 2.9%.

Real Estate Values In Colorado

  • Stetson Hills, Village Seven, and Wolf Ranch are some of the greatest areas in or near Colorado Springs. Think about leasing or purchasing a property in one of these well-known areas. 170 public schools in Colorado Springs, CO have received excellent or better ratings from GreatSchools. 34 private and charter schools are also available. The top public schools in Colorado are listed below.
  • There are 69 neighborhoods in Colorado Springs. 2,749 houses are up for sale, with prices ranging from $7,500 to $9,6M. Apartments in Colorado Springs are also reasonably priced.
  • In Colorado Springs, CO, the typical listing price of a property in October 2022 was $457.4K, rising 8.9% from the previous year. The average listing home cost $213 per square foot. $400K was the average price of a home sold.
  • In October 2022, homes in Colorado Springs, CO typically sold for 1.79% less than the asking price. In October 2022, Colorado Springs, CO will be in a buyer’s market, which indicates that there will be more available properties than there will be buyers.
  • In Colorado Springs, CO, houses typically sell after 61 days on the market. Since last month and a little bit since last year, Colorado Springs, CO’s median days on market have increased.

List of Top Mortgage Lenders Colorado Spring

Here, we present you to Colorado Springs’ top mortgage providers. We have made an effort to provide specific information on their knowledge, experience, and unique qualities. This knowledge will undoubtedly assist you in selecting a reputable mortgage provider.

1. Reliance Financial

Reliance Financial is a highly respectable and top ranking mortgage lender in Colorado. We are committed to locating excellent rates and financing options for our clients while providing some of the industry’s quickest turn times. Our mission is to serve as your trusted advisor, offering you incredibly individualized service and supporting you through each stage of the loan application process and beyond. By maintaining regular and transparent communication throughout the home-buying process, we hope to give exceptional service.

Your goals can come true with the assistance of the highly skilled mortgage brokers at Reliance Financial. For customers with a variety of needs and spending capacities, we provide mortgage loan solutions. Our financial professionals give the best advice and home loans that are suitable for all circumstances. Customers across the whole of Colorado Springs can get an unmatched mortgage and refinance service from Reliance Financial.

Email: sales@reliancefinancial.com

2. Integrity Mortgage

Russell Rowe founded Integrity Mortgage & Financial, which has its headquarters in Colorado Springs, CO. Their mortgage lenders in Colorado strive to offer exemplary customer service, high-quality goods, and dependability. They offer a variety of home loan packages using cutting-edge technologies. Because of the excellent customer service offered by the business, customers keep choosing Integrity Mortgage & Financial for their upcoming mortgage needs.

Integrity Mortgage works hard to assemble and maintain a staff of the most talented individuals in the mortgage sector. Integrity Mortgage & Financial strives to provide its loan officers with the best training possible so they can serve every client with integrity, honesty, and clarity.

3. Total Lending

The independent mortgage business Total Lending Concepts is based in Colorado Springs. In Missouri, Florida, Texas, Tennessee, Arkansas, Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Louisiana, the team is offering the best home loans at some of the lowest mortgage rates available.

Total Lending Concepts’ president is Brian. His only aim is to offer the most affordable prices and the best service. Throughout the home-buying process, Brian and his team will communicate with you frequently and clearly to ensure that you receive outstanding service. Their team of highly skilled mortgage brokers provides customers in the entire state of Colorado and Missouri with the unmatched mortgage and refinancing services.

4. Academy Mortgage 

Popular in Colorado, Academy Mortgage-Briargate has been providing customers with excellent mortgage and refinancing services. Throughout the mortgage application and approval procedure, their highly qualified team provides support and guidance. They assist their clients in choosing the finest mortgage to meet their unique needs and financial constraints as well as the home loan application procedure.

They provide specialized and customized mortgage services to their clients. A terrific lending program and price will be sought after by their staff of knowledgeable mortgage consultants. Online mortgage calculators and applications are available from Academy Mortgage.

5. Uptown Mortgage

Since 2000, Uptown Mortgage, a Denver-based mortgage company, has assisted clients in the neighboring Colorado regions. Clients get access to residential house loans and information about homebuyers through mortgage brokers and lenders. As a result of the company’s connections to a wide network of mortgage lenders, potential buyers have access to conventional, FHA, VA, and USDA lending programs.

By analyzing mortgage interest rates and terms, loan options, down payment requirements, and eligibility requirements, Uptown Mortgage assists first-time and repeat homebuyers in obtaining a purchase loan and assisting them throughout the purchasing process. Additionally, it links customers with programs that help with the down payment and offers advice on first-time home buying and loan refinancing.


All mortgage lenders have different mortgage rates. By conducting some preliminary research and comparing options to get the cheapest rates, you may be able to save tens of thousands of dollars throughout your loan. This method allows you to calculate the size and type of mortgage you can afford based on the particulars of your current financial situation.

If you’re wondering how to acquire the most economical mortgage, Reliance Financial can help you receive the most competitive and pre approved loans. You’ll finally adhere to your spending plan and just consider homes within your price range.