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Mortgage Lenders In Yakima

Mortgage Lenders Yakima – Yakima is a beautiful and welcoming city located in the state of Washington. The situation of the city is in the heart of wine country and offers its residents and visitors alike plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Here are just a few of the many reasons why Yakima is such a great place to call home, along with some Mortgage Lenders Yakima that you can contact today!

Yakima is also home to a number of excellent schools, businesses, and cultural attractions. If you’re looking for a great place to live, work, or raise a family, Yakima is definitely worth considering.

Hidden Gems Of Yakima

  • Yakima is popular for its beautiful scenery and its wonderful weather. Although it gets very cold in the high months of winter, the summer in Yakima is one that most cities in Washington don’t get to experience as it can reach as high as 95 degrees.
  • Yakima has an abundance of arts and culture all around it. The Yakima Valley Museum is a great place to learn about the history and culture of the Yakima Valley. The Yakima Symphony Orchestra is another great cultural asset of the city. The symphony performs a variety of classical and modern pieces throughout the year.
  • As it is situating in the Pacific Northwest, Yakima has nature surrounding it. Locals get to spend their summers in the Yakima river. As it is too cold in the winter to do much, the summer presents the perfect opportunity to dive in swimming holes and beaches along the river. It is perfect for a refreshing dip. This is also the perfect place for those who love the outdoors and going on trails and bike rides.
  • The city of Yakima is also home to a number of excellent schools. Yakima Valley Community College is a great place to persue your college education. The college offers a wide variety of programs and degrees to obtain. Yakima Valley Technical Institute is another excellent school in the city.
  • Yakima is home to a number of excellent restaurants, cafes, and eateries. From traditional American fare to international cuisine, there’s something for everyone in Yakima. If you enjoy organic food and fresh fruit more, the city also offers the Yakima Farmers Market. It is the perfect place to find fresh produce, local products, and homemade goods.
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Perks Of Moving To Yakima

  • Yakima is a wonderful city that offers its residents a wealth of perks. From the rich culture and diverse food options to the mild weather and entertainment, there is something for everyone in Yakima. There is no shortage of things to do in Yakima. The city is home to a number of excellent museums, symphonies, and other cultural attractions.
  • The city is also home to a number of amenities, including a hospital, schools, and parks. Popular places to visit in Yakima include the Yakima Valley Museum, the Yakima County Courthouse, and downtown Yakima.
  • While some may view moving to a new city as a daunting task, there are many perks to making the switch to Yakima. One of the main benefits is the thriving economy. With a variety of employers in different industries, there are ample opportunities for employment.
  • In addition, Yakima is popular for being a safe and secure city. With low crime rates and a strong transportation infrastructure, it’s easy to get around town. The public transportation in Yakima is excellent. The city offers a variety of options for getting around, including buses, trains, and taxis. The public transportation system is reliable and efficient, making it easy to get around town.
  • Because Yakima is located in central Washington, it’s easy to explore all that the state has to offer. From hiking and camping in the Cascade Mountains to skiing and snowboarding at nearby resorts, there are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy. So whether you’re looking for job opportunities or a chance to experience all that Washington has to offer, Yakima is the perfect place to call home.

Real Estate Trends

  • Local Median Home Price: The local median home price, as realtor.com reports, is $366,000, which is a lot lower than most cities in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Number of Days on Market: According to Redfin, an average house in Yakima is on the market for 45 days.
  • Number of Homes Sold: There were 88 homes sold in Yakima in October 2022.
  • Number of New Homes on Sale: In accordance with Zillow, there are 31 newly constructed homes for sale as of November 2022.
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Top Mortgage Companies In Yakima

1. Reliance Financial

When you’re ready to buy a home or refinance your mortgage, we know that you’re looking for the best possible rate and terms. We are proud to offer some of the lowest rates in the industry, backed by our commitment to fast and efficient processing. We believe in transparency, which is why our rate quote feature includes all loan-related closing fees.

And because our sales team members are W2 employees, there is never any pressure on you to choose a particular loan product. Our mortgage advisors provide personalized guidance throughout your loan process, and we are always available to answer any questions you may have. So contact us today at sales@reliancefinancial.com to get to know more about your mortgage needs and buying a home in Yakima.

2. Lendmark Financial Services

Lendmark Financial Services was founded with the goal of providing honest and reliable financial services to our customers. They understand that people want to do business with companies that care about them, and they are proud to be able to offer that kind of service.

They have a team of dedicated employees who are always working to improve their products and services, and they are constantly striving to provide the best possible experience for their customers. Their past is full of accomplishments, but they are always looking for ways to improve.

3. Cornerstone Home Lending

At Cornerstone Home Lending, they are dedicated to making the dream of homeownership a reality for their customers. They understand that buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions you will ever make, and they are here to guide you through the process every step of the way.

Their team of caring, service-oriented mortgage professionals is backed by world-class technology and efficient processes, so you can be confident that you are getting the best possible service. They always put people over profits, and they are committed to doing what’s right for the people we serve.

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4. Evergreen Home Loans

At Evergreen, they are committed to providing an excellent customer experience. They offer a wide range of affordable home loan products and strive to always be helpful for first-time homebuyers. Their culture is one of empowerment, where they encourage our team members to do what is right for their customers and act with integrity in all they do.

Additionally, they are dedicated to personal growth and development so their team members can continuously improve and become their best selves. By upholding these values, they hope to provide an exceptional experience for everyone who comes in contact with Evergreen.

5. Academy Mortgage

At Academy Mortgage, their company culture focused on families, not files, is what sets them apart from banks and other mortgage lenders. They care about their employees, they care about serving others, and they care about making dreams come true by getting families into homes.

Their mission is to create life-changing experiences through lending, and they are committed to giving back to families and communities in need. They believe that their people-centric and purpose-driven approach is what makes them unique, and they are proud to be able to serve their employees, customers, and communities in this way.


Yakima is a great place to live for those who love the outdoors. There are plenty of things to do in the area, including hiking, biking, and fishing. The scenery is beautiful, and the people are friendly and welcoming.

If you’re looking for a place to call home that offers an active lifestyle and plenty of opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors, immerse yourself in deep culture and entertainment, and savor some of the most delicious cousins, then Yakima is the perfect place for you.

To find out more about buying your dream home in Yakima, contact Reliance Financial! We will help you with your mortgage needs and buying a home in Yakima.

Our team efforts are always looking to improve our products and services. We have a great past full of accomplishments and are commitments to what’s right for the people they serve. Contact us at sales@reliancefinancial.com to get more information on buying a home in Yakima.