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Marysville Mortgage Rates

Marysville Mortgage Rates

Marysville Mortgage Rates – Marysville, a city in the state of Washington, combines the calm and quiet of small-town living with the excitement of a major metropolis. Marysville has a variety of housing options, ranging from single-family houses to flats and condominiums. The city includes several neighborhoods, each with its distinct personality, so inhabitants may select the location that best fits their lifestyle and budget. Before buying a property in Marysville, it is also important to consider the mortgage rates and housing affordability to make sure a home in this city is something you can afford.

Marysville is a town in Snohomish County, Washington It’s about 35 miles north of Seattle and is considered a suburb of the bigger metropolis. The city has a long history that dates back to the mid-nineteenth century. Marysville now has various historical structures and landmarks, including the 1891 Marysville Opera House, which is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Marysville is also famous for its strong sense of community and small-town feel. Several parks in the city, including Jennings Memorial Park and Comeford Park, provide a variety of recreational options such as hiking, picnics, and fishing.

Furthermore, Marysville is a great area to live in if you want to live in a small town yet have easy access to the facilities of a major metropolis. This is a booming city with a robust economy and a variety of sectors, including aerospace and industrial firms.

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Perks Of Living In Marysville

  1. Strong Economy: The strength of Marysville’s economy is one of its most significant benefits. The city boasts a low unemployment rate and a varied economy that includes manufacturing, agricultural, and service-oriented firms. Because of this diversity, there are several career prospects for locals, making it simple to locate and obtain work. Many businesses in the community are expanding and creating additional jobs for Marysville’s citizens.
  2. Affordable Housing: Another perk of living in Marysville is the low cost of living. The city boasts a diverse housing stock, ranging from single-family houses to apartments and condominiums, and the cost of living is affordable in comparison to other cities in the vicinity. This makes it an excellent choice for families and young professionals wanting to buy or rent a property. The city also features various neighborhoods, each with its distinct personality, allowing individuals to select the place that best matches their lifestyle and budget.
  3. Excellent Schools: Marysville’s citizens are well-educated, and the city is home to various schools and universities, notably Marysville Pilchuck High School, which is noted for its outstanding athletic program. The city’s schools are noted for their high academic standards, and many parents prefer to raise their children in Marysville because of the school system’s reputation.
  4. Healthcare: Marysville also boasts an excellent healthcare system, which includes multiple hospitals and clinics. This guarantees that local inhabitants have access to quality healthcare services when they require them.
  5. Proximity to Seattle: Marysville is just 35 miles north of Seattle, making it a great destination for folks who wish to live in a small-town ambiance while yet having easy access to the facilities of a bigger metropolis.
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Real Estate Trends in Marysville

  • According to Realtor.com, Marysville has 11 neighborhoods.Marshall is the most expensive neighborhood, with a typical listing price of $679K. With a median listing price of $482.5K, Downtown Marysville is the most inexpensive area.
  • Marysville, WA has 174 properties for sale, with 16 of them being posted in the previous week. There are also 46 rentals ranging from $750 to $4K per month.
  • The typical listed house price in Marysville, WA in December 2022 was $598K, up 4.9% from last year. The typical listing price per square foot for a property was $327.
  • In December 2022, homes in Marysville sold for about the asking amount.
  • Homes in Marysvillesell after an average of 65 days on the market. The median days on market in Marysville have increased since last month and slightly since last year.

Current Mortgage Rates in Marysville

Current mortgage rates in Marysville, reported by Zillow as of January 18, 2023, are provided below. Mortgage rates may or may not accurately reflect market circumstances. We cannot guarantee the rates shown here as your rates may be different based on your financial background. It is advisable for you to contact Reliance Financial for a tailored pricing quotation.

  • The current 30-year fixed mortgage rate in Washington has dropped 11 basis points, from 5.87% to 5.76%. Today’s Washington mortgage rates are the same as the national average of 5.76%.
  • Furthermore, the current average 15-year fixed mortgage rate in Washington fell 4 basis points from 5.00% to 4.96%, while the current average 5-year ARM mortgage rate fell 9 basis points from 5.59% to 5.50%.
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Marysville is a close-knit community located in Washington state. People like living in Marysville for a variety of reasons, including a good quality of life, a robust economy, and a diverse range of services and opportunities.

The city also boasts a low unemployment rate and a wide range of work prospects due to its combination of industry, agriculture, and service-oriented enterprises. It’s also a terrific destination for families and young professionals, with superb schools, reasonable housing, and a variety of recreational options. Overall, Marysville is a wonderful community for individuals of all ages and ethnicities.

However, as with any significant financial choice, it’s critical to thoroughly analyze your financial circumstances before purchasing a home. As a result, Reliance Financial has proven to be the most dependable mortgage business for Marysville clients to work with.

At Reliance Financial, we take pleasure in obtaining the lowest mortgage rates for our clients. Our mortgage professionals analyze and analyze your financial needs/situation to recommend the finest mortgage options. Furthermore, we collaborate with some of the greatest lenders in the country to guarantee that our customers get the best offer possible. We are continually innovating to make our process more efficient and convenient for our clients.