refinance VA loan

Pre-Approval Checklist

In a fast-paced and competitive housing market, assembling the following documents will provide a head start on getting pre-approval for a home mortgage loan.

Income Verification

  • For employed clients (wage earners): Earnings statements including W-2 forms, pay stubs for the past one month and tax returns for the past two years.
  • For self-employed clients: K-1 schedules (for partnership firms) or S1 Schedules (for S-Corp.) for the past two years; year-to-date profit and loss statements, and complete Form 1040s (tax returns) for the last two years.
  • Evidence of additional income such as Social Security, pension benefits, overtime pay, bonus, commission, and interest income.

Asset Verification

  • Copies of recent bank statements (checking, savings or money-market accounts) for the previous two months.
  • Copies of 401K and brokerage accounts for the past two months.

A mortgage advisor will access the client’s credit report for the FICO score, to determine outstanding liabilities, and to learn the amount of revolving debt as reported on the credit profile. Lenders will also ask about the origin of the down payment. If the down payment is a gift from a relative, in addition to a copy of the gift check, the client will be required to provide a copy of the gift letter stating that the money will not have to be repaid.