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Reliance Financial was founded in 2004 as Reliance Financial. While we enjoyed an auspicious beginning in building a mortgage company that was solidly customer focused, we did not escape the most severe financial crisis of our times. In the beginning of 2008, our industry – mortgage lending – sustained a direct hit. Six million Americans lost their homes to foreclosures. Hundreds of lenders and thousands of practitioners either closed doors or fled the industry.

Because of our strong and unrelenting faith that homeownership is a fundamental right to every American, we considered it our duty to stand our ground and help our clients protect, preserve, and acquire their most valuable financial, physical, and emotional asset. Thus, we stayed the course in serving many homeowners and homebuyers in the most challenging of times in our nation’s economic history.

The mortgage industry today is more fragmented than ever before. Homebuyers face several pain points. They need to understand a cumbersome process, figure out the best loan option and terms for them, and deal with the pressures of closing fast. Further, there is no end-to-end technology solution to help the customer make several crucial decisions in a short timeframe.

Reliance Financial is combining the promise of technology and the deep experience of our mortgage advisors to help homebuyers and homeowners navigate through the complicated home buying process with convenience, speed and transparency.

We are Reliance Financial, and we are powering homeownership. Let us take you home.