Your Journey Home in Four Easy Steps:

Check Your Rate

1. Check Your Rate

Use our rate checker to get your monthly mortgage payment. Check your rate on-demand, at your convenience.


Get Pre-approved

2. Get Pre-approved

Complete your personal information to help us understand your credit, income, and asset profile. This allows us to get you a solid pre-approval letter before you start your home hunting process.
Finalize Loan Terms

3. Finalize Loan Terms

Review your most current interest rate and closing fees, lock your rate, pay for the appraisal, provide us with your updated personal documents, including home insurance agent information.
Monitor and Close Loan

4. Monitor and Close Loan

Provide us with any missing documents or pieces of information as requested by the lender. We will help you track your loan process towards a smooth closing.

A Deep Passion To Serve and To Make Dreams Real

purchase a new home
Our primary reason for serving homebuyers in the residential lending business comes from one basic understanding -- We are involved in helping you fulfill your American Dream of owning a home.

Buying a home involves you taking on the great responsibility for acquiring what may be your biggest asset and subsequently your biggest personal liability. Providing you sound professional advice is thus extremely important to us. It is a responsiblity we don't take lightly. Hence, it is the basis of how we create trust with you, our customer.

Principals at RelFin Mortgage have spent well over a decade in building a residential financing one-stop platform so that you can benefit from sound advice and receive clear answers to all your home buying questions with us. We have supplemented the loan origination process to make it fast and hassle-free for you.

Purchase Solutions Right For You!

Whether you're buying your first home or you're an experienced buyer, we have a home lending solution just for you