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Your Trusted Mortgage Advisors

Your Trusted Mortgage Advisors

Our Story

RelFin Mortgage was founded in 2004 by two close friends and budding entrepreneurs, Richard Ro and Lucky Sandhu. We graduated from the highly esteemed program at the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley and worked as Certified Public Accountants at Ernst & Young LLP. We built our business and personal relationship on a shared zeal for high-class client service, a natural affinity for working with numbers, and our desire to fulfill our lives purpose of helping Americans fulfill their dream of home-ownership. These common interests led us away from our corporate careers and into the field of mortgage finance. 

While we enjoyed an auspicious beginning in building a mortgage company that was solidly customer focused, we did not escape the most severe business headwind of our times. During the economic crisis beginning in 2008, our business sector – mortgage lending – sustained a direct hit. The chaos and panic that resulted from the collapse of the crown jewels of American capitalism, such as Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers, brought lending to a standstill as financing dried up overnight. Many mortgage lenders and originators, several of them friends and veterans of the business, left the industry. We were faced with the challenge of our lifetime and some hard choices: 1) flee the business and find different jobs or careers; 2) merge with bigger and more stable institutions like Bank of America or Wells Fargo as was the case for many, or 3) stay the course and become first responders to the crisis. We chose the latter path towards helping as many homeowners as we could to keep their homes. Against all odds, we persevered and continued to provide first-class service to our clients, and we survived. 

We learned profound lessons during the crisis, primarily that keeping focused on client service and client education towards securing their largest asset, as well as, liability and helping clients achieve their financial goals through homeownership is foundational to the long-term success of our clients, and in return, our company.

Today, our clients can count on us to provide them with in-depth guidance in their end-to-end journey towards homeownership with patience, care and competence. We remain steadfastly customer-centric in providing our clients with low rates, fast closings, and hassle-free experiences while maintaining high professional service standards.

We are Reliance because our customers rely on us for results.